Redis Cheat Sheet

Running in Docker

Quickly get started with

docker run --name somename -p 6379:6379 redis


The simplest connection string is to use localhost which just connects to the localhost on port 6379.


Redis is a really simple server to which you can just telnet (or use the redis-cli) to run commands.

List All Keys

This might not be a great idea against a prod server with lots of keys

keys *

Get key type

Redis supports a bunch of different data primatives like a simple key value, a list, a hash, a zset, … to find the type of a key use type

type HereForElizabethAnneSlovak

Set key value

set blah 7

This works for updates too

Get key value

get blah

Get everything in a zset

ZRANGE "id" 0 -1

Count everything in a zset

zcount HereForjohnrufuscolginjr. -inf +inf

Get the first thing in a zset

ZRANGE "id" 0 0

Get everything in a set

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