Installing the AzFilesHybrid PowerShell Module

If you don’t do a lot of powershell then the instructions on how to install the AzFilesHybrid module can be lacking. Here is how to do it

  1. Download the module from https://github.com/Azure-Samples/azure-files-samples/releases
  2. Unzip the file downloaded in step 1
  3. Go into the folder and run the copy command
  1. Install the module with
    Install-Module -Name AzFilesHybrid -Force

With this module installed you can then run things like Join-AzStorageAccount to get a fileshare joined to the domain

Join-AzStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName "rg-azfileshare" -StorageAccountName "sa-azfileshare" -DomainName "somedomain.com" -DomainUserName "jane" -DomainUserPassword "password"