Exciting Year for Calgary .net

For ages I’ve been meaning to get more involved in the local .net community and really the whole tech community in Calgary. This last year was my ear of effort and I’ve been out to a couple of activities and a couple of groups which made me feel old and stupid(I’m looking at you YYC.js). As it turned out the Entity Framework Demi-God David Paquette picked this year to move to hotter climates leaving the presidency of the .net group here in Calgary open. Upon discovering this I immediately calledBradley Whitford and we launched an exploratory committee. I knew that Alan Alda was gunning for the same position but Bradley and I dug up some dirt on him and I coasted the rest of the way.

It wasn’t a clean campaign but I won. We’ve also had a couple of other people join the .net user group executive and we’ve managed to retain most of the old team to boot. It is a perfect mixture of the seasoned and the new.

I am really excited for our talks this year. Already we’ve got two talks set up and I’m sure we’ll have a bunch more in no time. Typically the theme or our talks has been “What’s new and awesome”. That’s pretty much going to continue this year but with a bit more emphasis on “awesome” than on “new”. We’re looking to do talks on the likes of TypeScript, F# and NoSQL databases. We’re also partnering with a couple of other groups in town to do a showdown between Ruby on Rails and ASP.net MVC and something with the JavaScript group which hasn’t yet been fleshed out.

We’re actively looking to increase our membership and our sponsors as well as our relationships with people looking to bring specialized training into town.

This season is going to rock be a jolly good time.

If you want to have a say in our topics or come out to any events be sure to join our brand new meetup site over athttp://www.meetup.com/Calgary-net-User-Group/.