Invalid Installation Options in Starcraft Installer

I play next to no video games but my brother was over tonight and was bugging me to play Starcraft Heart of the Swarm. So I broke out the awesome collector’s edition which contains more disks and mousepads than”¦ I don’t know something which contains a lot of mousepads and disks, perhaps the year 2001. I put the disk in, hit install, agreed to god knows what in the licence agreement and was promptly told: Invalid Installation Options. We’ll that’s odd because the only option I selected was the directory which had 1.5TB free. I rebooted and futzed around a bit to no avail.

There was no additional information available as to what the error might be. Frankly this sort of thing irritates the shit out of me. I don’t mind there being errors. Installing software or running software on such a diverse set of machines as run Starcraft has got to be non trivial. What I mind is that there is no way for me to solve the problem. Throw me a fricking bone so I know what to fix.

No help on the official support forums, of course they couldn’t be bothered helping you out with only such a generic error message to point the direction. Eventually I found some post about Diablo III which seemed related. I had to delete the Battle.net folder from my program data folder. This caused a redownload of the update installer. That resulted in it working. So that’s deletec:ProgramDataBattle.net.

Now I’m going to open negotiations with some terran generals. I’ve always felt there it too much Doom about Starcraft and not enough The West Wing. I’m going to write such a speech that galactic peace will have no choice but to show up.