AngularJSThis is another brain dump of content from PrDC13. This is David Mosher‘s excellent Angular JS talk. Don’t worry it is late on Tuesday when I’m writing this and the conference is almost over. Only a couple more days and we’ll be back to more sensible posts. Likely I’ll base some of my upcoming posts on stuff from this conference on which I would like to expand.

  • AngularJS is a framework for building applications on the web. They don’t have to be single page but you can certainly use id
  • When creating an angular application you start by annotating the html element with ng-app=”someappname”
  • the angualr configuration works by doing angular.module(“someappname”, []);
  • Angular templates are just html files
  • You can put in the ng-view attribute on a div which is the container into
  • Templates are cached automatically
  • The module is set up and looks like


  • Model binding is super simple you just need to annotate fields with ng-model=”somemodel.somefield”
  • Angular has an internal loop which synchronizes the model with the view. If you make changes outside of the normal way then you need to call $scope.$apply()


  • Functionality can be extracted into services
  • There is an issue with minification which can break the dependency injection for Angular. You can either change your functions to be an array listing the dependencies or use ngmin to preprocess your code