Slurp - Operators CoffeeScript Part 3

CoffeeScript brings a number of renamed and new operators to your JavaScript. The first one is our old friend ==. JavaScript has two equality operators == and ===. The difference is that == will not perform type conversion before performing the comparison. That has the result of allowing really strange things to be true

Fortunately CoffeeScript clears this weirdness up by masking JavaScript’s == and introducing its own == operator which compiles to ===.

Confused yet? It’s a lot of =s that’s to be sure. To maintain consistency with the conversational tone of CoffeeScript you can use English words in place of the standard operators. For instance that == can be written as is.

Taken from the CoffeeScript documentation

true, yes, ontrue
false, no, offfalse
@, thisthis
inno JS equivalent
In addition to being able to use the operators as one would in JavaScript one can use nifty post statement branches.

The final goodie for today is the existential operator. It is represented using the ? symbol. It can be used to check to see if a value is null or undefined.

A more impressive use is in operator chaining

You can’t tell me that isn’t a far cleaner and easier to understand syntax.