A Day of Azure

Have you guys heard about this Azure thing but not sure what it is? Did your boss read an article about “The Cloud” in a 3 years old copy of CIO Magazine he found while waiting for Tip Top Tailors to fashion a suit of sufficient size to contain his gigantic, non-technical girth? Know all about Azure but haven’t had a chance yet to try it out?

Source: http://www.itstrulyrandom.com/2008/02/07/obese-man-kills-wife-by-sitting-on-her/Make me a cloud and waffles, mostly waffles.

Then boy do we have the event for you! The Calgary .net Users Group is putting on an Azure camp tocoincidewith the global Azure Bootcamp on April the 27th.

Been through the Azure training before? Don’t write us off, we’ve created a special Calgary themed project which show cases the part of Azure most applicable to the Calgary IT market. It might even have a bit of a Calgary theme to it.

I’ll be speaking as will the daring, dynamic anddutifulDavid Paquette.

Where: ICT 122 at the University of Calgary

When: April the 27th starting at 9 and going on until we run out of stuff to talk about. Before 4pm if nobody asks me what’s wrong with Java, 4 am if somebody does.

Cost: Free

Tell me more: Go to the official site:http://dotnetcalgary.com/