Debugging my Wireless

There has always been a room in my house which doesn’t get good WI-FI coverage. It’s odd because my house isn’t that big and a single WI-FI point should cover it easily. I’velargelyjust been living with it but the other week I decided enough was enough. I found a great little app for my Nexus 7 which did WI-FI analytics.


It is a great program and I used it to confirm that, yes, my one room is almost devoid of signal from the two WI-FI points I have. I could also use this app to find WI-FI channels which have more or less traffic on them(channel 11 is pretty crummy near me). As it was I just used the signal meter which shows the strength of a single WI-FI point and walked around the house. There is literally only onedead spotin the entire house ““ that one bedroom.

I think it might be because there is a giant blob of metal in the room in the form of a bed. I tried moving router around the house, raising them up, lowering them down, changing channels and always the signal in this bedroom was grim. So I bought the biggest, most powerful WI-FI point I could find and stuck it in that room.

Problem solved.

WI-FI sucks.