Fixing Portable Libraries for MonoDroid on OSX

Over the Christmas break I thought I would play a bit with MonoDroid or Mono for Android as I guess it is now called. Things were going pretty well until I decided to split the data access components into their own library. I was on v3.05 and compiling resulted in an encounter with thediabolical issue 7905. The fix suggested in that was altering


To change


This did get me most of the way there but I ran into the error

targetframeworkversion v1.0 could not be converted to an android api level

Digging around a little bit with that I found that in the same file altering thepropertiesdefined at the top to

Corrected the issue. It was a bitdisappointingthat this didn’t work out of the box. I would have thought that creating portable libraries would be a pretty common use case for Mono for X platforms.